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Mesothelioma Diagnosis & Treatment

Unfortunately, there is still no total cure for mesothelioma, in part due to the relative rarity of mesothelioma as compared to other cancers, resulted in smaller funding. But there is hope. 

Despite the lack of a total cure, there are many treatment options and clinical trials that you or your loved one with mesothelioma can be involved in, both to give your family more time and to improve your family member’s quality of life.

Since mesothelioma is such a dangerous and rare cancer, you may want to work with a mesothelioma cancer specialist to ensure that you are receiving the best possible treatment. There are several mesothelioma specialists across the country, including Dr. Sugarbaker in Houston, Texas (near our main office location) and others on the East Coast. The team at Robins Cloud has worked with many of these doctors and is happy to help you make a connection with a medical team.

While there is no complete cure, there are various treatment options including radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and palliative care that attempt to make life as comfortable as possible. In addition, clinical trials may be an option for some people suffering from mesothelioma. Participating in a clinical trial may not only give patients access to potentially cutting-edge treatment options, but also gives them the opportunity to help future mesothelioma patients by progressing mesothelioma cancer research.

Visit the most current medical trials on the U.S. National Institutes of Health website here.

The physical and emotional toll on asbestos victims and their families cannot be overstated.  When the huge burden of mesothelioma becomes too much, we are here to help. Our mesothelioma lawyers are more than happy to lend you our experience to help your loved one get on the right mesothelioma treatment path.

There are also several support groups for mesothelioma patients and we highly recommend these for our clients.
The largest non-profit advocacy group working to ban asbestos is the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) and they have an inspirational program called “Tell Your Story.”

Since mesothelioma is so rare, it is sometimes hard to get an accurate diagnosis. Below are the key symptoms of this cancer. We advise you to tell your doctor if think you might have been exposed to asbestos.

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