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What Caused the Dixie Fire?

The Impact of the Dixie Fire on Northern California Residents

When did the Dixie fire start? Reports say that the wildfire started back in July.The Dixie Fire in Northern California has destroyed over 950,000 acres over three months. Noted as the second-largest wildfire in California history behind the Complex Fire in August 2020, the Dixie Fire has left thousands of residents displaced, injured, and worried about their future.

While the big question, “Who is responsible for starting the Dixie Fire?” hasn’t definitively been answered due to ongoing federal investigations, the finger is strongly pointing to Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Here’s what you need to know.

How Did the Dixie Fire Start?

But, “what caused the Dixie fire?” While the cause of the Dixie Fire remains under investigation, multiple news outlets have reported that on July 13, the day the fire started, a PG&E worker responded to a power outage at Cresta Dam in Feather River Canyon. Blown fuses were discovered, and a seemingly healthy Douglas fir tree was leaning into a PG&E line, burning at the bottom. It is speculated that this was the start of the Dixie blaze.

Could the Dixie Fire Have Been Prevented?

Sadly, the Dixie Fire has forced thousands of people out of their homes in Northern California, leaving in its wake the desecration of a forest and much of the Gold-Rush era community. Although it’s still yet to be determined if PG&E is the sole responsible party for the Dixie Fire and how it could have been prevented, they have a less than desirable track record when it comes to power line maintenance. According to a news report published by KRCR (ABC7), PG&E potentially started 16 fires ignited by their equipment in 2020. In 2018, PG&E pleaded guilty to starting the Camp Fire in November 2018 for negligently failing to maintain equipment.

An ABC10 investigation showed that PG&E knew that their power line parts had “severe wear” months before the deadly Camp Fire in 2018. Another report states that there were broken PG&E power lines found near a Fresno County wildfire.

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