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We interact with a number of companies each day, between accessing online services, shopping, ordering or picking up food, and even at home when we turn on the AC or take a shower. This means there are countless potential interactions in which an unscrupulous company could be wronging us. While companies often hide their actions, you can still take action to hold them accountable if you believe they are wronging consumers.

Class action lawsuits can be brought by one or a few people on behalf of anyone who may have been affected by a person or organization’s illegal behavior. Our team is ready to help consumers find justice in these cases. We have sufficient resources to work on class action cases, which may take years to resolve, as well as a team of skilled and experienced lawyers who have worked on high-profile cases before. Reach out today if you believe you have identified a class action claim.

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When Does a Case Become a Class Action?

As with any civil case, you must be able to show you were damaged by the actions of another party before you can file a claim. When bringing a class action lawsuit, you must also be able to demonstrate:

  • The actions of the defendant impacted a large group of people, such that it would be unlikely that the courts could handle individual suits from all plaintiffs in a timely manner. There is no set cutoff for what makes a class action, but typically courts look for at least 40-50 plaintiffs before declaring a case a class action.
  • The plaintiffs all suffered similar damages and will be well served by a shared resolution. A class action, therefore, may be helpful in cases where multiple plaintiffs purchased a product that was advertised for a use it could not fulfill because they all lost the same amount of money and have almost identical complaints. By contrast, when a malfunctioning product caused plaintiffs to be injured in many distinct ways, a class action likely would not provide appropriate recompense because each individual would have different medical costs, losses, etc.
  • Your complaints mirror those of most class members and therefore provide an accurate basis on which a judge and jury can evaluate the company’s wrongdoing and individual losses.

If your damages are not shared by a large number of people, you may still be able to find justice by filing an individual personal injury suit. For those who believe their case has the potential to be a class action but are unsure whether it meets the requirements, please reach out for a free consultation and our professional opinion.

Inclusion in Class Actions

As part of the class covered by a class action case, you will not always need to take action to receive benefits. For example, many product- or service-based cases use seller records to identify members who may have been affected. These people will receive information about how to verify they should be included in the lawsuit and how to opt out. Records of consumer complaints can also be used to identify people who may be covered by a settlement or verdict.

In some instances, identifying those who were affected is more difficult. Not all consumer transactions allow companies to identify buyers, as in instances where cash or a gift card was used. In this case, individuals may have to contact the legal team behind a class action to join it.

Types of Consumer Class Action Cases We Can Handle

Our team has long been standing up for the rights of consumers. We are ready to help with class action cases such as:

  • Defective product claims
  • Breach of consumer contract claims
  • Billing fraud
  • False advertising
  • Robocalls and spam communications
  • Consumer fraud or negligent misrepresentation
  • Securities fraud
  • Predatory lending practices

When companies make the decision to cheat consumers, hundreds or thousands of relatively small transactions can quickly turn into large profits. Any business that makes this choice must be held accountable.

Ask Us How to Start a Class Action Suit Today

The law is often the only way to rein in negligent corporations, and as a team dedicated to keeping consumers safe, we are ready to use our experience to help you file a class action. These cases can be a way for consumers to find justice in cases involving relatively small infractions that might not justify individual suits but, when grouped, amount to serious losses or wrongdoings.

The lawyers at Robins Cloud LLP have fought multiple high-profile cases and are prepared to take on large corporations and their legal teams. We’re skilled at negotiating for fair settlements and ready to litigate any case if that’s what it takes to find justice. We’re here to help you hold wrongdoers accountable for cheating large groups of people.

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