We understand that losing a home in a fire is devastating. At Robins Cloud LLP, our experienced lawyers are there for you to give you the guidance you need and to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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In recent years, California has experienced the largest and deadliest wildfires in history, resulting in hundreds of deaths and more than $50 billion in damages. However, a wildfire can’t start without a spark. Many of these blazes could have been avoided if our state’s utility companies had taken more care to maintain their equipment to prevent catastrophic failures.

The California wildfire attorneys of Robins Cloud LLP have a proven track record of zealously pursuing claims on behalf of families and businesses that have been affected by wildfires caused by utility companies. When these companies fail to maintain their equipment properly, entire communities can be devastated by the effects. Reach out to us today to see if you might be eligible to file a lawsuit for your losses in a California wildfire.
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Robins Cloud LLP is unique in that all our attorneys worked at large, corporate law firms before joining our team. That means we have experience fighting high-profile claims against big defendants. At the same time, we are a client-focused firm that limits its caseload so we can give our full attention to those who need our help. Working with Robins Cloud LLP gives you big-firm resources with a small-firm feel.


Robins Cloud LLP is considered a nationwide leader in wildfire lawsuits and litigation. That is why we have compiled important wildfire safety resources, information, and tips here, which we hope will help keep the people of our communities safe*.

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Who is Liable for California Wildfires?

How can a utility company be held responsible for damages caused by a wildfire? Over 85% of wildfires are caused by humans. When that wildfire is sparked by an old or malfunctioning power line, or a nearby tree that hasn’t been maintained by the utility, there is a clear liability.

Wildfire victims who have homeowners’ or renters’ insurance may be able to recoup some of their losses, but most people still find themselves in need of financial help to put their lives back together when their homes and other property is destroyed in a fire. This is because insurance does not provide coverage for all losses suffered by a wildfire.

Those whose homes or health have been damaged by a wildfire should explore the option of filing a lawsuit to recover further compensation. When liability can be proven—and, in some cases, utility companies will admit their role in starting a fire—we can help you prove you suffered related damages for which you deserve a settlement.

How Wildfire Fire Lawsuits Work

Families or businesses that have suffered losses in a wildfire caused by a utility company usually need to file a lawsuit if they are to recover damages. When there are hundreds (or sometimes even thousands) of cases filed against a utility company, the courts will usually consolidated all the claims into what is called a mass action. These claims are litigated together, but each person or business affected by the wildfire must prove their individual damages. The California wildfire lawyers at Robins Cloud have vast experience in leading mass actions and helping wildfire victims navigate this process so they may receive just compensation.


Types of Fire Damage

Wildfires have a devastating effect on surrounding homes and businesses. In your wildfire lawsuit, it is important that you provide an accurate assessment of the damage to your property.

Below are the types of damage caused by wildfire:

  • Burn and heat damage: The most destructive form of fire damage is burn and heat damage. When the structure or belongings are burnt or melted, they are often entirely unsalvageable, which results in extensive costs.
  • Soot and smoke damage: Smoke and soot damage are long-term effects of fire damage that can take weeks or even months to effectively treat. Smoke and soot stick to objects and have a far reach, resulting in contaminated/destroyed furniture, ductwork, curtains, walls, ceilings, flooring, and more.
  • Water and mold damage: While water is necessary for firefighters to put out fire in homes, it often results in significant water and mold damage. Mold can form in as little as 24 hours and spreads rapidly, so any delay in treatment can result in extensive, costly damage.

If your home was damaged by a wildfire, our wildfire lawyers are here to help. Turn to Robins Cloud LLP for the support and guidance you need at a time like this.

The Dangers of Fire Damage

At Robins Cloud LLP, our team is deeply familiar with the long-term health effects associated with wildfire damage. When a home or business catches on fire, occupants are at risk of exposure to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and smoke. These pollutants are extremely toxic and can cause permanent respiratory damage or even death.

If you or someone you love was affected by a wildfire, it is crucial that you obtain a wildfire lawyer to fight for the compensation you deserve. We understand how overwhelmed you are feeling, which is why we are here to protect your rights and best interests at this time.

  • Big firm experience with a personal touch
  • Dedicated attorneys that will work tirelessly to recover your losses
  • Represented over 100 families & businesses devastated by wildfires
  • Knowledgeable & experienced in California fire cases

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  • Big firm experience with a personal touch
  • Dedicated attorneys that will work tirelessly to recover your losses
  • Represented over 100 families & businesses devastated by wildfires
  • Knowledgeable & experienced in California fire cases

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