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6 Things to Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

When looking for a lawyer, it is crucial to ask questions to ensure you make the best decision for your case. Speaking with an attorney can be daunting for those who have never worked with one, but trust us when we say it’s easier than you think. To help you prepare, our team at Robins Cloud LLP put together a list of recommended questions you should ask your potential personal injury lawyer.

Below are some example questions that can help determine who is suitable for your case.

1. Is my case worth it?

You should first ask your potential attorney if your case is worth pursuing a claim. If your damages are minor, chances are your claim will be denied. You must prove that a physical injury was the direct cause of the accident and that the driver who caused the accident was negligent. Next, you must prove that you sustained financial harm as a direct cause of the accident.

Be sure to file your claim within the statute of limitations. Not sure how much time you have to file? Our blog[1] provides information on the timeline, including what damages are recoverable.

2. Can you handle my case?

An experienced attorney knows what they can and can’t handle. Follow up with your first question by asking your potential attorney if they can take on your case. If you want to get the most out of your claim, stick with an attorney who has handled similar cases.

Because we have a wide variety of lawyers here at Robins Cloud LLP, we have more availability compared to smaller boutique firms. Our attorneys also have decades of experience, so we have likely taken on cases like yours.

3. Is there a contingency fee?

For those that don’t know, a contingency fee is the amount of money that an attorney receives as a fee only if they win your case. The contingency fee percentage taken out of your settlement or award will never be more than you can afford here at Robins Cloud LLP. Contact our firm to learn more about our contingency fee agreement.

4. What do I need to do?

Bring your story, including evidence like police reports, hospital bills, and medical records, to prove the validity of your case. Be sure to bring proof of lost wages too. An attorney can assist you if you’re having trouble collecting evidence and documents.

5. Are consultations free?

Not all attorneys provide free consultations. If you’re looking for an attorney, always check their site to see if they offer free consultations—this will save you hundreds of dollars worth of legal fees upfront.

Robins Cloud LLP offers free consultations to those who believe they have a personal injury claim on their hands. Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm if you have any questions about your potential claim.

6. Which attorney will be handling my case?

Some firms have a variety of attorneys that handle personal injury claims. It is common for clients to work with several attorneys throughout the process of their claim. Being available to communicate with your potential lawyer(s) is crucial, so we recommend frequently checking in with the firm to see if there have been any updates on your case.

Always come to a consultation with all questions you may have relating to your case. Make a list so you can remember everything that’s on your mind. Attorneys are used to clients with many questions, so don’t feel intimidated during your consultation.

Houston Personal Injury Attorneys

We hope these questions provide a clear understanding of how to come prepared for your consultation. If you’re ready to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys, contact us at (800) 691-2363 or fill out a consultation request form here. We look forward to helping you with all of your personal injury needs.

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