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PG&E Trial Update from Shasta County Fire

A judge has ruled that Pacific Gas & Electric will stand trial for manslaughter charges stemming from the 2020 California wildfires that resulted in four deaths. In the preliminary hearings for the case, it was determined that there was enough evidence so that the company would face 11 felony and misdemeanor charges.

PG&E believes they did not commit any crimes in the fire. If they are found guilty of the charges, the company may be forced to pay fines and take corrective measures to prevent similar problems from occurring again in the future.

As the case progresses, our team is looking at the cases against the company to determine if the manslaughter charges become a conviction and what it means for those who have a lawsuit against the large company. Robins Cloud LLP is working to help residents of Shasta County when it matters most to them.

Does a Manslaughter Charge Impact PG&E’s Liability?

Wildfires have posed an increasingly serious threat in areas all over the world, particularly in parts of California. Faced with criminal negligence leading to a fire, property damage, and other losses, companies may be liable for damages. However, the implications of criminal charges against individuals are unclear when it comes to a company's liability after a wildfire.

In certain cases, courts may find that manslaughter charges stemming from a wildfire could affect the amount of financial liability incurred by a company due to their role in causing or contributing to the incident. Courts are still divided on this issue, meaning decisions will likely vary on a case-by-case basis.

What to Expect Next for Those Who Experienced Losses Because of the Fire?

For those who experienced losses due to the fire, the road toward recovery can seem daunting. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer on what to expect in the coming days, weeks and months. In general, it is important to be aware of all available services designed to assist with recovery in areas such as housing, health care, and mental health services.

Additionally, individuals may wish to discuss their specific situation with trained professionals for detailed advice based on their individual circumstances. Those affected should also feel free to reach out and connect with local faith-based and support organizations who continue to stand ready to offer aid however possible.

As we look towards the future with hope and resilience, communities come together in strength during these difficult times offering comprehensive support resources so no one has to go through this alone.

Our legal team is experienced in fighting for justice on behalf of those affected by wildfires. Our lawyers understand the complexities of such cases and have the resources to ensure a thorough pursuit of compensation. We specialize in gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and evaluating the financial impact of wildfires on individuals and businesses.

With careful consideration and unwavering dedication, our legal team works tirelessly to build strong cases that yield fair settlements. Compassion and understanding are at the heart of everything we do as we stand by our clients throughout their conversations with insurance companies or other responsible parties.

Knowing that these situations can be overwhelming, we bring strength and expertise to bear so that our clients can obtain a successful resolution.

At Robins Cloud LLP, our California wildfire attorneys focus on providing the highest level of legal care to people who need it most. We care about your results and helping you in the aftermath of the damage caused by a wildfire. Trust that we’ve got your back when you need it most.

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