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Did PG&E’s Negligence Lead to the Mosquito Fire?

The Mosquito Fire was one of the largest fires on record for the 2022 wildfire season. It has caused millions of dollars in damages to people and property across Northern California and has left many wondering who is responsible for it.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) admitted it experienced an equipment failure in the area shortly before the fire began, leading some to believe that a spark from this failure may have triggered a blaze that hit nearby dry vegetation. If found guilty, a wildfire attorney can help recover compensation for losses and hold PG&E accountable for its role in these events.

The Role of PG&E in Wildfires

In recent years, PG&E has been found liable in numerous wildfires throughout California due to equipment failures or mismanagement of power lines near vulnerable vegetation. Since 2017, PG&E has been responsible for over 30 fires across California, with damages totaling over $10 billion. Despite knowing about these dangers and taking steps to mitigate them, PG&E still failed to maintain their equipment correctly, leading to these devastating results.

What Can a Wildfire Attorney Do?

A wildfire attorney can help people affected by wildfires like the Hermit's Peak Fire recover compensation from those responsible for their losses. Our attorneys at Robins Cloud LLP can investigate the faults of companies like PG&E that may have contributed to starting the fire. These companies deserve to be held liable for their negligence.

The Mosquito Fire was disastrous for many families who lost everything due to its destruction and now face mounting medical bills and other expenses related to rebuilding their lives after losing so much property. If you are one of those people looking for justice after losing so much in this tragedy, be sure to reach out to our firm today.

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