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McBride Fire Attorneys

Suing for Wrongful Death & Property Loss

Did you lose a loved one or your property due to the McBride Fire in New Mexico? Let Robins Cloud LLP know right away. It is believed that the Public Service Company of New Mexico failed to maintain its powerlines, which were damaged in a windstorm that sparked the fire. You might be able to hold the utility company liable for your losses through a lawsuit, which we can help you build from the beginning.

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Destruction Caused by the McBride Fire

The McBride Fire in New Mexico causes significant destruction and loss of life before it was fully contained and extinguished.

According to the New Mexico authorities, the McBride Fire caused:

  • At least 2 fatalities
  • About 200 residential property destructions
  • More than 6,100 burned acres
  • 4,500 evacuations or displacements

Although the McBride Fire has been contained, the destruction that it can cause might not be over. New Mexico State Forestry is concerned that the land that was scorched by the fire is now prime for landslides and flooding. Without vegetation, heavy rainfall will not absorb into the soil correctly, which could result in flash floods that do even more harm.

What Caused the McBride Fire?

Investigations from the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department have determined that strong gusts of wind were blowing in the region the day that the McBride Fire started. Furthermore, it determined that a tall tree that was “drought-stressed” had been toppled by those winds onto a powerline. The resulting powerline damage caused an electrical arc that ignited the surrounding brush.

The powerline was owned and maintained by the Public Service Company of New Mexico. Like all utility companies in the area, Public Service Company of New Mexico has a duty to frequently inspect its powerlines in forested or dry areas to conduct routine maintenance.

Maintenance of powerlines in forested areas can include:

  • Cutting down trees that could fall over onto or near a powerline.
  • Trimming branches of healthy trees that grow too close to a powerline.
  • Replacing powerline hooks, cables, etc. whenever there are signs of wear.
  • Protecting power boxes with cages or frames when needed.

It has already been alleged in a lawsuit against the Public Service Company of New Mexico that the utility company, as well as a contractor that it hired, did not uphold its duty to maintain the powerlines in the area. According to the lawsuit, the power company is liable for the McBride Fire because the tree that fell over should have been labeled as a powerline risk and cut down long ago.

Who Can Sue the Public Service Company?

You might have the option to bring a claim or lawsuit against the Public Service Company of New Mexico for allegedly causing the McBride Fire. Robins Cloud LLP would be happy to help you discover your rights and act on them.

You could have a valid McBride Fire claim if you suffered these losses or harm:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Medical costs for burns or smoke inhalation
  • Property or structure destruction
  • Reduction of property value
  • Loss of business, sales, or related income
  • Emotional trauma

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At Robins Cloud LLP, we don’t think it’s right to call the McBride Fire a wildfire. After all, it appears to have been caused by corporate negligence, not a natural or ‘wild’ occurrence. That’s why we are fully committed to helping people who have been affected by the McBride Fire seek justice and compensation against the Public Service Company of New Mexico and any other parties that might be liable for it.

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