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Dangerous Drugs

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As a result of poor oversight, regulatory malaise, and poor self-policing, dangerous products enter the market and then need to be recalled on a frequent basis. Reasons for product recalls vary: They can range from packaging defects to the contamination of a product to inherent safety problems that could lead to patient harm.

Unfortunately for many patients, these recalls are neither uncommon nor timely. Hundreds of drugs are recalled on FDA advice each year including many that have already garnered widespread use. Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) analyzed drug recall records from the FDA and found the median time between a drug’s approval and withdrawal is 5 years. It’s hard to determine exactly how many patients are harmed in this gap, but there’s no question pharmaceutical companies deserve to answer for each and every one.

Robins Cloud LLP has been assisting clients with their claims against the makers of defective medical devices and dangerous pharmaceuticals for over 20 years. Our award-winning attorneys are well informed and have extensive knowledge and experience litigating claims against companies that have negligently manufactured and marketed dangerous drugs and defective medical products. If a pharmaceutical or other medical company has violated your trust, let us fight to make your story heard.

Our defective and dangerous drug attorneys work out of Los Angeles but serve clients throughout the country. Call us at (800) 691-2363 to schedule a free consultation if you’ve been harmed by unsafe medication.

What To Know about Recalls and Dangerous Drugs

Hundreds of drugs are recalled from the market each year between over the counter and prescription medications. Some recalls are only for small batches or are temporary and only needed to fix a small problem. However, PHNP found that 27 of every 100 new drugs released are either withdrawn from the market permanently or required to add a black box warning—the most serious type—due to patient danger.

You Can File Suit Regardless of Recall Status

A recall is a federal action requested by the FDA and fulfilled by the pharmaceutical company that sells a dangerous drug or device. It is not the only indicator of serious danger to patients. In fact, many drugs are only withdrawn from the market after many patients have come forward to file complaints and lawsuits. Therefore, if you think you have been injured by a dangerous product, we encourage you to reach out to our attorneys. Having an active recall can be a point of evidence in your favor, but there are many other ways to show a dangerous drug has injured you.

Why Filing Lawsuits Against Big Pharma Matters

Manufacturers who place dangerous products in the marketplace skirting past an overwhelmed FDA are multi-billion dollar companies for whom the small fines levied when they are caught breaking the rules is not enough of an incentive to control them. For a company that earns millions or even billions from harmful drugs, it’s more financially rewarding to take the low road. Drug companies have been found:

  • covering up research that shows dangerous side effects,
  • marketing drugs for unapproved uses,
  • trying to sell products to vulnerable patient communities,
  • committing fraud against Medicare,
  • and behaving in other law-breaking ways.

Dangerous drug lawsuits, especially mass tort or class actions, have a chance to make a real difference by making companies return millions to those their products harmed. Patients are able to access the medical care they need after using these unsafe products and pharmaceutical companies often see this as a big enough incentive to remove them from the market.

You Can Trust Our Dangerous Drug Lawyers’ Experience

Award-winning Robins Cloud LLP founder Bill Robins III has served in leadership positions in several mass tort and class action cases pending in federal and state courts. He has successfully litigated cases against the manufacturers of dangerous drugs and medical devices and obtained justice for tens of thousands of his clients earning the respect of judges, opposing counsel, his peers, his staff and clients. At Robins Cloud, our guiding principle is to help our clients obtain justice for their injuries in a compassionate and effective manner while adhering to the highest ethical principles and requirements of the law.

When you are considering a case that involves medical questions, it’s important to pick the right attorney to handle your claim. General practitioners likely do not have experience building and prosecuting cases against major medical device or pharmaceutical companies. Not only do the companies we face tend to have millions to spend on their legal team, but they also have highly technical defenses on their side. You need an attorney with the tools to tackle these claims. The Robins Cloud LLP team has relationships with medical experts and other professionals who can help prove your case.

Before you choose an attorney, ask them how many claims like yours they have handled. Ask them to explain the important timeframes that control your claim. Most importantly, ask them to explain the claim process to you in detail. You will be able to tell from the attorney's responses whether they are experienced and knowledgeable and, they are, you can take advantage of the fact that the lawyer is already far up the learning curve.

The attorneys at Robins Cloud LLP would be honored to answer any question you may have about your claim and the initial consultation is always free. Should you choose to hire Robins Cloud to handle your personal injury claim, you will never pay an attorney fee unless we obtain a monetary recovery for you.

How To Start Your Dangerous Drug Claim

Our attorneys fight for patients and their families every day in state and medical courts and will not rest until justice is served. Robins Cloud LLP will carefully analyze your dangerous drug claim and formulate a plan for effective action. Throughout the whole process, we will keep you informed on the stratus of your case.

We are one of a handful of law firms in the country with a robust practice in unsafe drug litigation. If you are looking for help in this area, our team can provide top-notch service and experienced counsel. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you.

The Robins Cloud LLP team is available at (800) 691-2363 to discuss your dangerous drug case. Our experienced Los Angeles team is here to help you take on big pharma.

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