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Who Is Liable for Damages from the Texas Freeze?

The Negligent Acts in Response to the Texas Freeze

The devastating winter freeze has left many Texas communities with damages ranging from burst and frozen pipes and illnesses to the death of their loved ones. Sadly, the impact could have been less severe if power companies warned Texans of the extended power outages ahead and the potentially dangerous consequences they were up against. However, that did not happen, and residents were left “out in the cold” and unprepared for the worst. If you suffered losses due to the Texas freeze, read on to learn who you may be able to hold accountable.

Failure to Warn

Power companies such as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and American Electric Power (AEP) are already being named in Texas freeze claims for failing to warn their customers of the impending blackouts and the potential problems they could encounter. In addition, power companies could have made special concessions to mitigate the health, property damage, and other risks to the public as well as prepare adequately with making some simple adjustments ahead of time, including:

  • Winterizing equipment to stop them from freezing.
  • Provide extra generators and other generating equipment.
  • Coordinating power from other electric grids (Texas has one large power grid that is operated and maintained independently from the major power grids in the country — also known as the “Texas Interconnection”).

Determining Liability

Responsibility for the damage from the Texas freeze is not just limited to ERCOT or AEP. Private power companies and insurance companies may also be held accountable. You may also be eligible to make claims against your homeowner’s and commercial insurance carriers. When pursuing a Texas freeze lawsuit, it’s critical to understand your rights and how to determine liability. Enlisting the help of an experienced attorney can increase the chances of a favorable outcome from your claim so you can ensure you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

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Sadly, many Texas communities will feel the impact of the Texas Freeze for years to come. From injuries and property damage to the loss of loved ones, it can be an intensely stressful situation. When dealing with the aftermath of such an unprecedented event, it can be scary when you don’t know where to turn for help. Rest assured that you are not alone, and we are here to help you get through a difficult time. Our attorneys are here to provide you with personal attention and the resources necessary to protect your rights.

On behalf of Texas families and business owners who were negatively impacted by the Texas freeze and suffered substantial losses, we’ll be in your corner every step of the way. Don’t let negligent parties get away with hurting you, your family, and the community you care about.

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