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Class Action vs. Individual Texas Freeze Lawsuits

Understanding Personal Injury Claims

Since power companies failed to warn residents of the possible rolling blackout, numerous lawsuits and class action claims named The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), American Electric Power (AEP), and other private power companies as the responsible parties for failure to warn residents so they could prepare.

From damages such as costs to repair frozen pipes and injuries and deaths from hypothermia, the lawsuits are in place to help Texas residents recover from the losses they suffered. However, how do you know whether to opt-in on a class action lawsuit or if you should file an individual Texas freeze claim? Here are some things to consider.

Should you Opt in on a Class Action Texas Freeze Lawsuit?

You may have received a letter in the mail stating that you may be eligible to be included in a class-action lawsuit against ERCOT or other power companies named in class action suits. However, before you opt-in, it’s critical to understand how a class action lawsuit works.

In class-action lawsuits, one lawsuit is filed on behalf of everyone included in the group, and the claim is filed and tried in one court. All members of the lawsuit will receive compensation, no matter what type of damage or injuries they suffered. Once you opt-in on a class-action lawsuit, you give up your right to pursue an individual claim. Depending on your circumstances, settlements from a class action lawsuit may be significantly less than what you would typically be entitled to when filing an individual claim.

Should You File an Individual Texas Freeze Claim?

Filing an individual claim means you will have the opportunity to recover the most compensation for your injuries and damages. Filing an individual Texas freeze claim gives you more control over how you can present your case, especially if you have an attorney representing your best interests. You may be able to recover compensation for the death of a loved one, injuries, and home repair costs, and other related damages.

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