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Failure to Warn: Texas Freeze Deaths and Damage Were Preventable

Understanding the Impact of the Texas Freeze on Residents

According to an article published by the Texas Observer, local officials state that they were caught off guard because they didn’t receive adequate warnings about the potential severity of power outages, which left Texans in a lurch without help when they needed it most. Read on to learn more about how injuries, deaths, and damages could have been avoided.

Where Did the Power Companies Go Wrong?

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), American Electric Power (AEP), and other private companies are being named in “failure to warn” freeze claims due to their negligence in forewarning Texans about the potential rolling blackout. The lawsuits allege that ERCOT, AEP, and other defendants “knew or should have known” that they would likely shut down power or wouldn’t be able to restore power for an extended period.

Failing to inform the public left people exposed to freezing temperatures for hours and some for days. Had Texans been made aware of the power shutdown and outages, they could have been better prepared and avoided the risks of hypothermia, severe injuries, and death.

The Death Toll

Not only did the February storm leave thousands of Texas residents without power in subfreezing temperatures causing severe damage to their homes, but far worse, the Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed that 151 people died as a result of the storm. Sadly, it’s suspected that the actual number of people who died due to the winter storm and power outages may be even higher. According to a BuzzFeed News analysis based on mortality data during the storm from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), their best estimate is that 702 people died due to the storm.

Recovering Losses From The Texas Freeze

When an unexpected event such as the Texas freeze occurs, resulting in sustaining injuries, property damage, or the loss of loved ones, it’s a devastating scenario. When it may seem that all hope is lost, know that you are not alone, and we are here to support you through a difficult time.

Our team of attorneys is dedicated to client success and to give you legal representation to help you move your life forward after experiencing such a devastating event. We have the resources to help families and business owners who were negatively impacted by the Texas freeze to recover substantial losses.

Don’t let negligent parties get away with hurting you, your family, and the community you care about.

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