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How to File a Dixie Fire Claim

Understanding Wildfire Claims

The Dixie Fire has impacted the lives of thousands of Northern California residents. While the second-largest wildfire in California history, which burned over 950,000 acres, has been contained, the community is still feeling the aftermath of its wrath.

Not only were residents injured and displaced from their homes, but they were facing financial burdens from their losses. The impact of losing land, livestock, and businesses is unfathomable. However, filing a Dixie Fire claim can help victims recover losses and hold the parties responsible for the wildfire, such as PG&E, accountable for their negligence. Here are some critical steps to take when pursuing a Dixie Fire Claim.

Critical Steps to Get Your Dixie Fire Claim Started

Know the Claim Filing Deadlines

In California, the statute of limitations for filing a wildfire claim is two years from the date of the incident if the loss is due to a state of emergency. Initially, the statute of limitations gave wildfire victims only one year to file a claim. However, Assembly Bill No. 2594, approved on September 21, 2018, extended the statute to give victims more time to gather evidence and other documents needed to file a claim for their losses.

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Gather Documents and Proof

To file a claim for your losses due to a wildfire, you must have as much proof as possible. While this may be easier said than done, if most of your evidence has been lost in the fire, you have options. You may be able to get copies of documents online, such as receipts for items you purchased for your home and copies of other documents and transactions related to your losses.

If you were injured due to the wildfire, keep copies of your medical records such as hospital stays, diagnostic tests, and any documentation related to treatments and therapies. Know that all hope is not lost, and help is available if you are struggling to gather proof. Read on to learn how having an experienced California wildfire lawyer in your corner can help you get your claim started on the right foot.

Contact an Experienced California Wildfire Lawyer

Pursuing a California wildfire claim is a complex process. From gathering evidence to dealing with your insurance company, it can be even more stressful than anticipated. It’s also critical to know that your insurance company may not cover the entirety of your losses.

In addition to filing a claim with your insurance company, an experienced California wildfire lawyer can help you seek justice through a civil lawsuit against the parties responsible for starting the fire. In particular, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is under federal investigation for allegedly starting the fire by acting negligently when maintaining power lines. For more information, read on to learn how Robins Cloud LLP can help you get started with your Dixie Fire claim.

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Need Help With a Dixie Fire Lawsuit? Contact Robins Cloud LLP

Thousands of Northern California residents were injured and displaced due to the Dixie Fire that destroyed over 950,000 acres in three months. If you and your family were impacted by the devastation, the Dixie Fire caused, Robins Cloud LLP can help you recover your losses. Our firm has represented thousands of victims in California wildfire claims for which PG&E and other utility companies are to blame. We are here to help you seek justice and recover your losses so you can move forward with your life.

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