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Pedestrian Accidents

Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Hit By a Car While Walking in Los Angeles?

Pedestrian accidents are common occurrences in the bustling streets of Los Angeles, often resulting in severe injuries and fatalities. If you've been injured in a pedestrian accident due to someone else's negligence, you have rights, and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses.

Our team at Robins Cloud has been helping injured pedestrians seek fair compensation for over 30 years. We know that dealing with an injury takes time and energy, and we want to make your life easier; let our firm handle your personal injury claim from start to finish while you focus on your recovery.

Call Robins Cloud at (800) 691-2363 to schedule a free consultation with our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers. We can help if you’ve suffered serious injuries.

Legal Recourse for Injured Pedestrians

If you've been injured in a pedestrian accident in Los Angeles, it's essential to understand your legal rights and options for seeking compensation.

California law allows injured pedestrians to pursue damages for:

  • Medical expenses: Compensation for past and future medical treatment, hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, prescription medications, and medical equipment necessary for recovery.
  • Lost income: Reimbursement for wages lost due to time taken off work for recovery, as well as compensation for diminished earning capacity if the injuries result in long-term disability or inability to work.
  • Pain and suffering: Damages for physical pain, emotional distress, psychological trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life resulting from the accident and injuries sustained.
  • Wrongful death: In cases where a pedestrian accident results in a fatality, surviving family members can pursue a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial support, and emotional suffering.

Navigating the legal complexities of a pedestrian accident claim can be challenging, especially while recovering from serious injuries. Our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers at Robins Cloud can advocate for your rights, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

How Negligent Drivers Cause Pedestrian Accidents

Sadly, nearly all pedestrian accidents are avoidable. When a negligent driver fails to exercise caution or obey traffic laws, the consequences can be catastrophic for nearby pedestrians.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles include:

  • Distracted driving/texting while driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Disregarding traffic signs and signals
  • Failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians
  • Reversing without checking for pedestrians
  • Speeding through a school zone
  • Failing to stop for a school bus
  • Driving too close to a sidewalk
  • Ignoring pedestrian crossings
  • Aggressive or unsafe driving maneuvers

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

While occupants of motor vehicles are shielded by the vehicle's structure, seat belts, airbags, and other safety features, pedestrians have minimal protection in the event of a collision. Their direct exposure to the full force of a motor vehicle, even at low speeds, increases the likelihood of sustaining catastrophic injuries.

Pedestrians often suffer severe and debilitating injuries like:

When accident victims are faced with brain or spinal cord damage, loss of limb, and other injuries that cannot be fully treated or cured, they will feel the impacts for the rest of their lives. Their loved ones may also be affected, whether from the loss of an income or an increased need for medical support and day-to-day aid.

In such a position, it’s important to file a strong claim for compensation. Having financial security for the rest of your life matters when you’re facing severe and long-lasting medical issues.

Time Limits: How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

In California, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim, including those involving pedestrian accidents, is generally two years from the date of the injury. In other words, you have two years to file a claim seeking compensation. However, there can be exceptions depending on the specific circumstances of the case, so it's advisable to consult with a pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles to understand your rights.

What If My Loved One Died in the Accident?

If your loved one died in a pedestrian accident, or any time thereafter as a result of their injuries, eligible family members may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Similar to personal injury claims, the statute of limitations for wrongful death in California is two years from the date of the victim's death.

Robins Cloud Can Help – Call Now for a Free Review

If you or a loved one is facing severe or catastrophic injury after a pedestrian accident, or experienced a wrongful death, our attorneys are here for you. We have spent more than two decades helping clients find compensation after suffering complex injuries. It’s our goal to provide a voice to those who have been harmed by others, and to be there for you during the hardest times in your life.

Robins Cloud LLP is dedicated to helping you after a serious pedestrian accident. Call our Los Angeles office today at (800) 691-2363 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout California.

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