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Bicycle Accidents

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In 2018, Los Angeles was named the worst bicycling city in the nation. Between 2014 and 2016, the LA metro area saw more bicyclist deaths than 47 states in the nation (Florida, New York and, of course, California had higher numbers). Though we have the benefit of warm weather and wide roads, there’s no infrastructure to support bicyclists and little help for accident victims outside of personal injury cases. Despite the city funding multiple projects aimed toward making our roads safer for bicyclists, deaths have continued to increase over the past few years.

When distracted or unsafe drivers crowd bicyclists or just don’t see them, the risk of a dangerous accident is high. Though drivers may be the one to make the mistake that causes the accident, they’re much less likely to be hurt than someone on a bike, helmet or no. What’s more, bike accident fatalities have been increasing over the past few years.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows 857 bicyclists were involved in fatal traffic collisions in 2018. Of that number, 21 (2.5%) were in Los Angeles. While there’s no number for seriously injured bicyclists in our city, the national estimate—47,000—suggests hospitals may have seen over 1,000 injured cyclists that year.

Robins Cloud LLP is dedicated to helping families who have been affected by serious bicycle accidents. When a driver’s negligence results in catastrophic injuries or even a bicyclist’s fatality, you deserve justice. We can help you file an injury claim and will aggressively advocate for your right to receive compensation to help with the unexpected struggles you are now up against.

Contact Robins Cloud LLP at (800) 691-2363 if you or a loved one have been seriously or fatally injured in a bike accident. Our Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys are here to help with complex cases throughout California.

Risk Factors & Causes of Serious Bicycle Accidents

Driver Behavior

As with pedestrian accidents, two driver factors can make a substantial difference in how bad a bicycle collision is: the size of the car and its speed when it hits the cyclist. With more people opting for crossovers and SUVs and cars getting bigger overall, bicyclists are more likely to be hit in the torso and chest area rather than the legs. While the latter may lead to fractures or lacerations that can be treated, the former can result in injuries to vital organs and systems.

Roadway Factors

Not only are two-lane roads more likely to be the site of accidents, but they’re also linked to a higher rate of serious and fatal injuries. The same is true for roads with higher speed limits. Drivers are responsible for sharing the road, but in such situations, may not leave enough room when passing a bicyclist, resulting in a serious crash.

Accident Type

Sadly, the rate of fatal hit-and-run accidents has been rising, according to a study done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. While road users of all types can be involved, bicyclists and pedestrians are much more likely to sustain fatal injury. In 2016, the U.S. documented a record 2,049 deaths caused by hit-and-runs; 1,398 of them (62%) involved bicyclists or pedestrians. When a driver doesn’t stop at the scene of an accident, emergency responders may not know about the victim’s injuries until it is too late.

Types of Injuries Bicyclists May Sustain

Without seat belts, airbags, or any of the other protections drivers enjoy, bicyclists often suffer serious, even catastrophic injuries in accidents. We can help families who are dealing with the aftermath of injuries including:

  • Back Injury
  • Facial Injury
  • Head and Neck Injury
  • Loss of Limb
  • Multiple Fractures
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Wrongful Death

Serious accidents can completely change the life of the victim and their loved ones. From a need for extended treatment/rehabilitation to the prospect of permanent disability, these injuries can put a drain on your financial and emotional resources. You do not have to go through this hardship alone. Our team of tough attorneys is here and ready to fight for you.

Finding a Way Forward After a Bicycle Accident

When a catastrophic injury disrupts your life, you may find yourself overwhelmed by stress and grief. The losses you and your family face are nearly impossible to quantify. However, you deserve compensation for every single challenge you face thanks to a reckless driver. We can help you file a claim for damages including:

  • Hospital bills
  • Future medical needs & expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Decreased earning ability
  • Pain & suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Having a financial safety net while you adjust to a new normal can make a dramatic difference in your life. Not only does the accident victim deserve the best treatment possible—they and their dependents also deserve to be provided for as they were before the accident.

At Robins Cloud LLP, we fight for bicycle accident victims who have sustained serious injuries. Call our Los Angeles team at (800) 691-2363 to schedule a free consultation.

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